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Top 10 Rich Foods

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Vitamin C acts as an antioxydant, helps collagen synthesis and stimulates immunity.
Iron helps using oxygen.
Vitamin C enhances Iron absorption.
Top Vitamin C Rich Foods
426%320mgguava (140g)
338%253mgblackcurrant (140g)
208%156mgyellow bell pepper (85g)
175%131mgfresh orange juice (250ml)
173%130mgkiwifruit (140g)
136%102mgkale (85g)
133%100mglitchi (140g)
115%87mgpapaya (140g)
114%85mgpummelo (140g)
110%82mgstrawberry (140g)
Top Iron Rich Foods
155%28mgclam (100g)
100%18mgpork liver (100g)
69%12mglamb kidney (100g)
67%12mgcooked oyster (100g)
60%11mgcuttlefish (100g)
57%10mglamb liver (100g)
53%9.5mgoctopus (100g)
52%9.3mgsoybeans (250ml)
52%9.3mgchili with beans (250ml)
39%7mglentils (250ml)
Vitamin E and Selenium are antioxydant, and act in synergy.
Top Vitamin E Rich Foods
92%14mgwheat germ oil (10ml)
70%11mgsunflower seed kernels (30g)
60%9mghard roe (100g)
52%7.9mgdried almond (30g)
42%6.3mgconch (100g)
42%6.3mgsnail (125g)
35%5.2mgcandied ginger root (30g)
34%5.1mgeel (100g)
33%5mgraw abalone (125g)
31%4.6mghazelnuts (30g)
Top Selenium Rich Foods
1046%575µgbrazilnuts (30g)
566%312µgpork kidneys (100g)
398%219µglamb kidney (100g)
305%168µgbeef kidney (100g)
211%116µglamb liver (100g)
163%90µgmussel (100g)
163%90µgcuttlefish (100g)
163%90µgoctopus (100g)
148%81µgdried and salted scrod (55g)
145%80µgoyster (125g)
Vitamin A comes from 2 sources: Retinol and beta-Carotene.
Vitamin A plays a role for growth, skin, and both low-light and color vision.
beta-Carotene also acts as an antioxydant.
Top Vitamin A Rich Foods
2868%20074µgveal liver (100g)
1112%7782µglamb liver (100g)
772%5405µgpork liver (100g)
653%4569µgliver sausage (55g)
488%3416µglingcod liver (125g)
341%2384µgcarrot juice (250ml)
162%1137µgeel (100g)
151%1057µgsweet potato (110g)
144%1007µgcanned pumpkin (125ml)
117%819µgraw tuna (125g)
Top Retinol Rich Foods
2867%20070µgveal liver (100g)
1111%7777µglamb liver (100g)
772%5405µgpork liver (100g)
653%4569µgliver sausage (55g)
488%3416µglingcod liver (125g)
162%1137µgeel (100g)
117%819µgraw tuna (125g)
78%545µgliver pate (55g)
38%263µgsturgeon (100g)
32%227µgscrambled egg (110g)
Top beta-Carotene Rich Foods
967%23199µgcarrot juice (250ml)
527%12660µgsweet potato (110g)
374%8983µgcanned pumpkin (125ml)
327%7842µgkale (85g)
295%7082µgboiled carrot (85g)
256%6151µgfrozen spinach (85g)
247%5916µglambsquarters (85g)
170%4092µgboiled collards (85g)
159%3805µgdandelion greens (65g)
142%3397µglettuce (65g)
Folic Acid (aka Vitamin B9, Vitamin Bc or Folacin) and Vitamin B12 play a major part in protein synthesis.
Top Folic acid Rich Foods
100%400µglamb liver (100g)
95%379µglentils (250ml)
88%350µgveal liver (100g)
63%253µgsoybean kernels (250ml)
49%197µgred gram pigeon peas (250ml)
45%179µgconch (100g)
41%163µgpork liver (100g)
38%152µgitalian bread (50g)
36%145µgfalafel (140g)
35%141µgcollards (85g)
Top Vitamin B12 Rich Foods
4120%99µgclam (100g)
3571%86µglamb liver (100g)
3288%79µglamb kidney (100g)
3021%73µgveal liver (100g)
1538%37µgveal kidney (100g)
1500%36µgoctopus (100g)
1459%35µgcooked oyster (100g)
1004%24µglamb brain (100g)
1000%24µgmussel (100g)
888%21µgveal brain (100g)
Vitamin B6 acts in protein metabolism.
Magnesium regulates the transmission in the nervous system.
Vitamin B6 enhances Magnesium absorption.
Top Vitamin B6 Rich Foods
80%1mgalbacore tuna (100g)
78%1mgbeef liver (100g)
73%0.95mglamb liver (100g)
73%0.94mgwild salmon (100g)
71%0.93mgpheasant leg (125g)
66%0.85mgemu (100g)
58%0.75mgquail (125g)
53%0.69mghearts of palm (85g)
50%0.65mgostrich (125g)
50%0.65mgoctopus (100g)
Top Magnesium Rich Foods
98%313mgsnail (125g)
74%238mgconch (100g)
69%222mgraw yellow beans (100g)
56%178mgpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
54%174mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
49%156mgsoybeans (250ml)
44%142mgespresso (175ml)
37%119mgprickly pear (140g)
36%115mgfalafel (140g)
35%113mgbrazilnuts (30g)
Riboflavin (aka Vitamin B2) acts in fats, proteins and carbohydrates metabolism.
Riboflavin also stimulates growth, enhances Iron absorption and protects vision.
Riboflavin enhances Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid use.
Top Riboflavin Rich Foods
417%4.6mglamb liver (100g)
311%3.4mgbeef liver (100g)
270%3mgbeef kidney (100g)
200%2.2mgpork liver (100g)
193%2.1mgraw pork kidneys (125g)
188%2.1mglamb kidney (100g)
157%1.7mgcuttlefish (100g)
110%1.2mgbeef heart (100g)
108%1.2mglamb heart (100g)
86%0.95mghard roe (100g)
Calcium and Phosphorus are the base components of bones.
Calcium plays a role in the regulation of heart reate and in blood coagulation.
Phosphorus plays a role in carbohydrates and proteins metabolism.
Vitamin D regulates the use of Calcium and Phosphorus.
Vitamin D also stimulates immunity.
Top Calcium Rich Foods
45%500mgsheep milk (250ml)
43%476mgcheese fondue (100g)
31%345mggoat milk (250ml)
31%337mgnachos with cheese (140g)
31%337mgcrab cake (100g)
29%320mgplain yogurt (175g)
29%316mgskimmed milk (250ml)
28%303mggruyere (30g)
27%297mgtoasted sesame seeds (30g)
25%275mghépar (500ml)
Top Phosphorus Rich Foods
90%627mgveal thymus (100g)
83%583mgcanned red salmon (55g)
83%580mgcuttlefish (100g)
76%531mgcarp (100g)
75%523mgdried and salted scrod (55g)
74%515mghard roe (100g)
71%497mgbeef liver (100g)
71%495mglamb brain (100g)
70%488mgraw yellow beans (100g)
67%471mgbuckwheat pancakes dry mix (100ml poured)
Top Vitamin D Rich Foods
703%35µgbaked turbot (100g)
634%32µgcarp (100g)
508%25µgswordfish (100g)
466%23µgeel (100g)
466%23µgred salmon (100g)
310%16µghard roe (100g)
284%14µgwild bullhead (100g)
277%14µgsalted mackerel (55g)
258%13µgsturgeon (100g)
146%7.3µgtuna (100g)
Niacin (aka Vitamin B3, Nicotinic Acid or Vitamin PP) and Pantothenic Acid (aka Vitamin B5 or Pantothenate) act in fats, proteins and carbohydrates metabolism.
Top Niacin Rich Foods
169%24NEbeef liver (100g)
154%22NElamb liver (100g)
135%19NEveal cutlets (100g)
125%18NEalbacore tuna (100g)
123%17NEturkey light meat (100g)
118%17NEroasted chicken fillet (100g)
118%17NEswordfish (100g)
110%15NEpacific mackerel (100g)
110%15NEquail (125g)
109%15NEfarmed salmon (125g)
Top Pantothenic acid Rich Foods
142%7.1mgbeef liver (100g)
127%6.3mglamb liver (100g)
95%4.8mgpork liver (100g)
78%3.9mgraw pork kidneys (125g)
77%3.8mgchili with beans (250ml)
75%3.8mgraw abalone (125g)
63%3.1mgemu (100g)
61%3.1mgshiitake (85g)
45%2.3mgscrambled egg (110g)
42%2.1mgtoasted sunflower seed kernels (30g)
Copper plays a role in metabolism.
Manganese plays a role in carbohydrates metabolism.
Manganese also acts as a cofactor for many enzymes.
Top Copper Rich Foods
1672%15mgveal liver (100g)
1092%9.8mglamb liver (100g)
841%7.6mgcooked oyster (100g)
235%2.1mgsquid (100g)
216%1.9mglobster (100g)
136%1.2mgsesame seeds (30g)
111%1mgcuttlefish (100g)
110%0.99mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
102%0.92mgspirulina (15g)
86%0.78mgraw pork kidneys (125g)
Top Manganese Rich Foods
378%6.8mgmussel (100g)
233%4.2mgpineapple juice (100ml)
165%3mgwhole-wheat macaroni (215g)
147%2.6mgpine nuts (30g)
144%2.6mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
140%2.5mgkellogg's all bran (30g)
123%2.2mglinseeds (30g)
104%1.9mgrice cakes (50g)
99%1.8mggarbanzo beans (250ml)
94%1.7mgdry brown rice (45g)
Zinc has roles in the metabolism of RNA and DNA, signal transduction, and gene expression.
Vitamin K is needed for blood coagulation and metabolism.
Top Zinc Rich Foods
2270%182mgcooked oyster (100g)
149%12mgveal liver (100g)
104%8.3mgbeef rib (100g)
91%7.3mgrock lobster (100g)
88%7mgveal shoulder (100g)
84%6.7mgpork liver (100g)
83%6.6mgbroiled lamb shoulder (100g)
76%6.1mgcanned beans (250ml)
73%5.8mgdouble hamburger (140g)
70%5.6mglamb liver (100g)
Top Vitamin K Rich Foods
772%694µgboiled kale (85g)
562%506µgdandelion greens (65g)
511%460µgfrozen spinach (85g)
482%434µgcollards (85g)
467%420µgboiled lambsquarters (85g)
391%352µgcress (65g)
360%324µgpurslane (85g)
309%278µgswiss chard (85g)
167%150µgescarole (65g)
133%120µgbroccoli (85g)
Potassium regulates water movements.
Potassium plays a major role in the nervous system and in muscles contraction.
Sodium has an impact on blood pressure.
Top Potassium Rich Foods
37%1762mgsoybean kernels (250ml)
33%1535mghearts of palm (85g)
28%1293mgadzuki beans (250ml)
20%936mgsoybeans (250ml)
17%819mgfalafel (140g)
17%802mgdried and salted scrod (55g)
16%772mglentils (250ml)
16%750mgsplit peas (250ml)
15%728mgcarrot juice (250ml)
15%726mgpassion fruit juice (250ml)
Top Sodium Rich Foods
297%3865mgdried and salted scrod (55g)
188%2448mgsalted mackerel (55g)
188%2442mgtofu (salted and fermented) (85g)
118%1535mgdried beef (55g)
109%1412mgchili with beans (250ml)
99%1289mgpea soup (250ml)
78%1013mgcanned bell pepper (125ml halves)
78%1011mgnachos with cheese (140g)
76%984mgham, egg and cheese sandwich (140g)
74%958mghotdog (140g)
Food Energy is used for metabolism.
Proteins are one of the building blocks of body tissue, and can also serve as a fuel source.
Top Food Energy Rich Foods
32%642kcalfat veal (100g)
28%566kcalsoybean kernels (250ml)
27%531kcallingcod liver (125g)
23%466kcalfalafel (140g)
23%455kcalpork pie (140g)
21%428kcalnachos with cheese (140g)
21%414kcalpepperoni pizza (140g)
21%414kcalbaked beans (250ml)
20%400kcalfish sandwich with tartar sauce and cheese (140g)
20%396kcalfried chicken fillet sandwich (140g)
Top Proteins Rich Foods
77%42gsoybean kernels (250ml)
67%37gveal cutlets (100g)
63%35gdried and salted scrod (55g)
59%32gcuttlefish (100g)
56%31gturkey light meat (100g)
56%31gfried chicken flesh (100g)
55%30gchicken gizzard (100g)
55%30gstewed rabbit (100g)
55%30gsoybeans (250ml)
55%30gdeer (100g)
Carbohydrates are a common source of energy.
Thiamine (aka Thiamin or Vitamin B1) plays a role in Sugars assimilation.
Top Carbohydrate Rich Foods
24%66gspaghetti (215g)
22%61graw yellow beans (100g)
21%59gcaramel sundae (250ml)
20%54ggrenadine syrups (60ml)
20%54gpineapple juice (100ml)
19%54grice noodles (215g)
19%52glemon meringue pie (110g)
17%46gorange soda (1 can (355 ml))
17%46gweetabix (55g)
16%45gapple strudel (110g)
Top Thiamine Rich Foods
117%1.3mgcream of vegetable soup (250ml)
93%1mgweetabix (55g)
87%0.96mgraw pork shoulder (125g)
63%0.69mgraw yellow beans (100g)
46%0.5mgalbacore tuna (100g)
45%0.49mglinseeds (30g)
40%0.44mgsunflower seed kernels (30g)
39%0.43mgtrout (100g)
39%0.43mgraw pork kidneys (125g)
39%0.43mgfarmed salmon (125g)
Cholesterol is required to build and maintain membranes.
Lipids / Fats stock energy.
Top Cholesterol Rich Foods
12520%2504mglamb brain (100g)
10600%2120mgveal brain (100g)
3955%791mgveal kidney (100g)
2825%565mglamb kidney (100g)
2465%493mglamb liver (100g)
2425%485mgveal liver (100g)
2400%480mgpork kidneys (100g)
2395%479mghard roe (100g)
2110%422mgquail egg (50g)
1850%370mgchicken gizzard (100g)
Top Lipid Rich Foods
89%67gfat veal (100g)
70%53glingcod liver (125g)
48%36gpork tail (100g)
41%30gsoybean kernels (250ml)
40%30gpigeon (125g)
39%29gpork pie (140g)
38%28groasted duck (100g)
33%25gbeef thymus (100g)
33%25gfalafel (140g)
33%25gpeanuts (50g)
Top Saturated fat Rich Foods
130%32gfat veal (100g)
69%17gdessicated coconut meat (30g)
50%12gpork tail (100g)
48%12gsheep milk (250ml)
47%12gvanilla ice cream (125ml)
42%11gpigeon (125g)
41%10graw ground beef (100g)
39%9.7groasted duck (100g)
39%9.6gnachos with cheese (140g)
38%9.6gdouble cheeseburger (140g)
Top Monounsaturated fat Rich Foods
112%28gfat veal (100g)
71%18gmacadamia nuts (30g)
68%17gpork tail (100g)
57%14gfalafel (140g)
56%14gbeef pie (140g)
56%14ghazelnuts (30g)
55%14gavocado (140g)
53%13groasted pecan nuts (30g)
52%13groasted duck (100g)
49%12gpeanuts (50g)
Top Polyunsaturated fat Rich Foods
69%17gsoybean kernels (250ml)
57%14gwalnuts (30g)
45%11gtartar sauce (30ml)
45%11gtoasted sunflower seed kernels (30g)
41%10gpine nuts (30g)
38%9.6ghomemade french salad dressing (30ml)
37%9.2gsoybeans (250ml)
34%8.6glinseeds (30g)
33%8.2gbarbecue potato chips (50g)
31%7.8gpeanuts (50g)
Omega 3 and Omega 6 are Polyunsaturated Fats.
Top Omega 3 Rich Foods
631%6.9glinseeds (30g)
509%5.6gflaxseed oil (10g)
296%3.3gfarmed salmon (125g)
283%3.1ghard roe (100g)
258%2.8gsalted mackerel (55g)
248%2.7gwalnuts (30g)
200%2.2gcooked herring (100g)
192%2.1gblack cod (100g)
151%1.7gtuna (100g)
122%1.3gtrout (100g)
Top Omega 6 Rich Foods
95%11gwalnuts (30g)
93%11gtoasted sunflower seed kernels (30g)
83%10gpine nuts (30g)
75%9ghomemade french salad dressing (30ml)
53%6.4ggrapeseed oil (10ml)
53%6.4gsesame seeds (30g)
52%6.2gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
52%6.2gpecan nuts (30g)
51%6.2gbrazilnuts (30g)
50%6.1gsunflower oil (10ml)
Dietary Fiber helps digestion.
Water is the main component of the human body (about 60%).
Top Dietary fiber Rich Foods
100%25graw yellow beans (100g)
85%21gsoybean kernels (250ml)
70%18gfrench beans (250ml)
48%12gred gram pigeon peas (250ml)
46%11gsoybeans (250ml)
44%11gfalafel (140g)
40%10gkellogg's all bran (30g)
38%9.4gavocado (140g)
36%9.1gkumquat (140g)
36%9.1graspberry (140g)
Top Water Rich Foods
8%206gspaghetti with meat sauce (250ml)
8%204gchili with beans (250ml)
6%164gbeef stuffed peppers (195g)
6%159grice noodles (215g)
6%152glight yogurt (175g)
6%152gcottage cheese (light) (175g)
5%148gpasta (215g)
5%146glentils (250ml)
5%144gsplit peas (250ml)
5%137gwatermelon (150g)
For human beings, there are 9 Essential Amino Acid.
An Essential Amino Acid cannot be synthesized by the organism and therefore must be supplied in the diet.
Top Histidine Rich Foods
249%1.5gdeer (100g)
239%1.4gboar (100g)
223%1.3gveal cutlets (100g)
190%1.1gsoybean kernels (250ml)
184%1.1gpheasant leg (125g)
180%1.1ghorse (100g)
177%1.1gpork loin (100g)
169%1gdried and salted scrod (55g)
169%1gbeef rib (100g)
158%0.95gfried chicken flesh (100g)
Top Isoleucine Rich Foods
171%2gsoybean kernels (250ml)
152%1.8gveal cutlets (100g)
134%1.6gfried chicken flesh (100g)
133%1.6gdried and salted scrod (55g)
132%1.6gturkey light meat (100g)
130%1.6gpheasant leg (125g)
122%1.5ghard roe (100g)
120%1.4gguinea (125g)
120%1.4gstewed rabbit (100g)
118%1.4gcuttlefish (100g)
Top Leucine Rich Foods
149%3.4gsoybean kernels (250ml)
128%2.9gveal cutlets (100g)
122%2.8gdried and salted scrod (55g)
116%2.7gbeef liver (100g)
112%2.6gdeer (100g)
109%2.5ghard roe (100g)
106%2.4galbacore tuna (100g)
104%2.4gturkey light meat (100g)
103%2.4gstewed rabbit (100g)
102%2.3gpheasant leg (125g)
Top Lysine Rich Foods
176%3.2gdried and salted scrod (55g)
169%3gveal cutlets (100g)
156%2.8gsoybean kernels (250ml)
155%2.8gboar (100g)
153%2.8galbacore tuna (100g)
151%2.7gturkey light meat (100g)
148%2.7gstewed rabbit (100g)
147%2.6gdeer (100g)
144%2.6gfried chicken flesh (100g)
141%2.5gpheasant leg (125g)
Top Methionine Rich Foods
114%1gdried and salted scrod (55g)
99%0.89galbacore tuna (100g)
96%0.86gveal cutlets (100g)
94%0.84gfried chicken flesh (100g)
91%0.82gfarmed salmon (125g)
90%0.81gturkey light meat (100g)
90%0.81gpheasant leg (125g)
88%0.79ghalibut (100g)
88%0.79gtrout (100g)
86%0.77gguinea (125g)
Top Phenylalanine Rich Foods
147%2.2gsoybean kernels (250ml)
101%1.5gbeef liver (100g)
99%1.5gveal cutlets (100g)
93%1.4ghard roe (100g)
90%1.3gdried and salted scrod (55g)
88%1.3gturkey light meat (100g)
85%1.3gpork liver (100g)
84%1.3gveal heart (100g)
83%1.2gveal kidney (100g)
83%1.2gstewed rabbit (100g)
Top Threonine Rich Foods
204%1.8gsoybean kernels (250ml)
179%1.6gveal cutlets (100g)
175%1.6gturkey light meat (100g)
168%1.5gdried and salted scrod (55g)
158%1.4gdeer (100g)
155%1.4gcuttlefish (100g)
154%1.4gpheasant leg (125g)
151%1.4gstewed rabbit (100g)
148%1.3gboar (100g)
146%1.3galbacore tuna (100g)
Top Tryptophan Rich Foods
256%0.61gsoybean kernels (250ml)
168%0.4ggoat (100g)
167%0.4gstewed rabbit (100g)
161%0.39gdried and salted scrod (55g)
161%0.39gpheasant leg (125g)
158%0.38gboar (100g)
156%0.38ghard roe (100g)
156%0.37gveal cutlets (100g)
155%0.37gturkey light meat (100g)
153%0.37gbeef liver (100g)
Top Valine Rich Foods
124%2.1gsoybean kernels (250ml)
120%2gveal cutlets (100g)
105%1.8gdried and salted scrod (55g)
104%1.8gbeef liver (100g)
99%1.7ghard roe (100g)
95%1.6gpork liver (100g)
91%1.5galbacore tuna (100g)
91%1.5gstewed rabbit (100g)
90%1.5gpheasant leg (125g)
90%1.5glamb leg (100g)